Anthony Hazel

Graduate Research Assistant

  • B.S. in Physics and Applied and Computational Mathematics, Florida State University (2012)

Projects: Using enhanced sampling methods and high-dimensional free energy landscapes to study the folding and dynamics of proteins near the outer-membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. There are two main focuses of my research: (1) understanding how folding can be used as an energy source at the outer membrane in lieu of traditional energy sources, and (2) finding new targets for antimicrobial drugs.

Recent Publications

  1. Transmembrane but not soluble helices fold inside the ribosome tunnel. M. Bano-Polo*, C. Baeza-Delgado*, S. Tamborero*, A. Hazel*, B. Grau, I. Nilsson, P. Whitley, J. C. Gumbart, G. von Heijne and I. Mingarro.   (Accepted for publication
    on October 30, 2018.) Nat. Commun. *These authors contributed equally to this study.
  2. Folding free energy landscapes of β-sheets with non-polarizable and polarizable CHARMM force fields. A. Hazel, E. Walters, C. Rowley, and J. C. Gumbart. J. Chem. Phys., 149, 072317 (2018).
  3. Computed free energies of peptide insertion into bilayers are independent of computational method. J. C. Gumbart, M. Ulmschneider, A. Hazel, S. White, and J. Ulmschneider. J. Mem. Biol., 251(3), 345-356 (2018).

Teaching Experience

  • PHYS 2212 (Fall 2012)
  • PHYS 2211 (Spring 2013, Fall 2014)
  • PHYS 2231 (Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017)
Contact Info
e-mail: ahazel3 // at //
phone: (407) 530-9608
office: W207 Howey Physics Building
mail: School of Physics, 837 State Street, Atlanta, GA 30332