I think I’m turning Japanese

JC-fukuokaJC just presenting the talk “Bridging the gap between X-ray crystallography and biological insight with MD simulations” at the “Hot Spring Harbor International Symposium” in Fukuoka Japan. He also visited MD master Yuji Sugita, for whom a 100-million-atom simulation is trivial, at the RIKEN Institute in Tokyo.

G’day mate!


JC just got back from the land down under, where he was teaching free energy methods at a workshop in Melbourne.  The local students were many, including even a wallaby!  The workshop was hosted by the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI).

Biophysical Society meeting

The group just returned from another great BPS meeting, this year in Baltimore, MD.  Besides our academic father/grandfather Klaus Schulten giving the National Lecture, Karl and Curtis each gave two excellent presentations on BamA and BtuB respectively.  JC, Anna, and Conner all presented posters as well.  Good job everyone!BPS-kona