What is evidence?

Given the daunting challenges facing theoretical physicists working on new theories of the universe, what should be required of them in terms of proof?

Nature recently explored that very question.

Biophysical Society meeting

The group just returned from another great BPS meeting, this year in Baltimore, MD.  Besides our academic father/grandfather Klaus Schulten giving the National Lecture, Karl and Curtis each gave two excellent presentations on BamA and BtuB respectively.  JC, Anna, and Conner all presented posters as well.  Good job everyone!BPS-kona

The photosynthesis society

“The photosynthesis society” is not a new scientific organization, but rather a description of the “society” of molecules that come together to carry out a complex task such as photosynthesis. Klaus Schulten, Professor of Physics at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, recently came to Georgia Tech to explain the inner workings of this society from the atomic level on up. See the video here: photosynthesis lecture